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Overview of 160 databases

Explore the
Danish Health Data

Why create overview

of Danish Health Data?


The potential of Danish Health Data

The Danish health data is of high quality and holds a great potential for use in research and development. A better use of these health data can help ease the transition between sectors and optimize the treatment of the individual patient. However, today it is difficult to get an overview of what kind of health data exists, what data is available and who to contact for access. If we want to reap the value of these data, they need to become both more visible and far more accessible.


Overview of Danish health data

On this website you get an overview of the many Danish health data and descriptions of how to apply for access to this data. You can search for specific disease areas or on the specific content, i.e. which variables the individual database contains. Thus, you get an overview of what kind of data has already been collected and how to apply for access to this data.

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What makes Danish

Health Data unique?



A long tradition of Health Data

In Denmark we have some of the worlds most comprehensive and quality assured health data. These data are based on a long tradition of registration and collection of data about health and diseases, that goes back to World War II.


A unique Central Person Registry

These registrations have made it possible to collect health data about all Danish citizens since 1968. The possibility to link these data across databases and registries makes it possible to use Danish health data for the benefit of citizens, society and research.

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Danish health data saves lives


Data driven health solutions for people with lung diseases

Lack of access to data can slow

down the development in Denmark


Data insights save elderly from pneumonia