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Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster

Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster (CHC) connects businesses, municipalities and regions and bring them together to develop and implement digital healthcare solutions.

CHC was established by The Capital Region of Denmark and The City of Copenhagen in 2014, as part of the initiative “Healthy Growth” – aimed at creating better healthcare in the public sector and growth for businesses developing solutions focused on future healthcare challenges. We are a part of Copenhagen Capacity, who assists foreign businesses, investors and talents in identifying and capitalising on business opportunities in Greater Copenhagen.
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Data Saves Lives

The partnership ”Data Saves Lives” initiated by CHC, increase the attention on the value of Danish health data.

Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster has initiated Data Saves Lives, a partnership including more than 25 public and private partners. The Danish health data are among the best in the world and contains knowledge that can provide citizens and doctors with better insight into diseases and treatment. Data Saves Lives works to increase the attention on the value of Danish health data and the possibilities included in a better utilization of data in research and development of new technologies.
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The purpose of

The purpose of is to reduce the administration connected to identification and application for access to Danish health data.

The Danish health data is of high quality and contains a great potential, however, the application procedure is very resource-intensive. Long handling of cases is one of the challenges since data is owned and administered by different data owners and health operators, whose application procedures are not streamlined.

This website creates an overview of where the Danish health data can be found, and which variables they contain as well as an overview of the application procedure. The purpose of this website is to decrease the administration connected to the identification and application of Danish health data by increasing the visibility and accessibility of public health data for both businesses, health operators and researchers.

The data that can be found on

This website gives a gathered overview of databases and registries containing Danish health data and descriptions of the application processes.

This site does not give access to health data, it only helps to create an overview of the content across the Danish health databases.

It is possible to search for specific disease areas or on concrete content of the databases, i.e. the specific variables that each database embraces. This allows researchers, business and others to get an overview of data that are already collected and to gain knowledge on how to apply for access.