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The Danish Healthcare System

The Danish healthcare system is based on free and equal access to treatment and is mainly tax financed.

This means that everyone who has been granted a residence permit and lives in Denmark has free access to the healthcare system. Most examinations and treatments are free of charge and anyone who becomes acutely ill has the right to free treatment at a hospital. This also applies to visitors from other countries. 

A unique and important building stone in the Danish health care system is the Civil Registration Number (CPR), which was introduced in 1968.

Everyone who is registered as a resident in Denmark receives a health insurance card from their local municipality with a CPR number. The card is used in many different interactions with the public sector and must be presented at all visits to doctors, emergency rooms and hospitals. This makes it possible to document all treatment and contact to the healthcare system and contributes to an efficient healthcare system that enables health practitioners to learn from and build on previous treatment.

Some of the information are gathered and structured in different registers, e.g. specific health-related registers.

Health data is considered a sensitive personal information and only persons with a professional requirement can have access to your data. Furthermore, everyone working in the healthcare system is bound by patient confidentiality. Patient confidentiality means that you can safely share information about yourself and your illness with doctors and nurses and that they will not discuss your case or illness with others – not even with your spouse, children, or other members of your family. You decide who should be informed about your health.