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Primary variables




Health Education




Work Region


The Movements Register (danish title: Bevægelsesregisteret) gives details of trained healthcare professionals in the workforce.  The details include a whole range of information about 31 different groups of professionals by way of age, gender, education/training country, branches, sectors and working regions.

The Danish Health Data Authority regularly releases figures giving different details of the health service employment market. The figures show where and in which roles trained healthcare professionals have been employed. In addition to those with jobs, the figures also include the unemployed and people on labour market/maternity or sick leave benefits. The figures also include people who are not listed in the social security register at report date, i.e. non-residents in the workforce.

The register is run by the Danish Health Data Authority and was created by cross-batching data from several registers. The basic data comes from a Danish Health Data Authority's Statistical Authorisation Register which holds information about individuals with professional healthcare training who have been authorised by the Danish Patient Safety Authority. This data is also supplemented with educational /training and labour market data from Statistics Denmark.

More details


Collection Period

Collection Period
The population comprises healthcare professionals authorised by the Danish Patient Safety Authority
Database Categories

Application requirements

 The register shows the healthcare educated workforce dispersed according to:

  • Healthcare educated dispersed according to professional groups
  • Doctors, nurses and dentists dispersed according to profession/residence in the country
  • Doctors dispersed according to specialization
  • Dentists dispersed according to specialization
  • Professional groups, age groups and gender
  • Professional groups and educational countries
  • Professional groups, industries and sectors
  • Professional groups and work region

Application process

Metadata about the healthcare educated workforce are available via eSundhed at Sundhedsdatastyrelsens webpage and can be downloaded in excel format.

Contact information

Data owner
Danish Health Data Authority
Contact data owner
Ørestads Boulevard 5
2300 København S
Website - data owner
Contact data administrator
Ditte Trier-Poulsen
T: 32 68 51 29
Website - data administrator