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Danish Cytogenetic Register


Primary variables


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The Danish Cytogenetic Register (DCCR) is a national register that contains data on all the individuals who have received post/prenatal chromosome tests, molecular genetic or biochemical tests since 1960.

The aim with DCCR was to create an overview of cytogenetic services and to develop prenatal diagnostics and to acquire data for use in post/prenatal genetic advisory services.

DCCR is an independent database unit that receives a copy of results of all kariotype testing from all of the country's five clinical genetics departments (Vejle Hospital, Odense University Hospital, Copenhagen University Hospital, Glostrup and Aarhus University Hospital).

As of 1 Jan 2017, DCCR covers 354,395 examinations - with 224,370 prenatal and 130,025 postnatal examinations. There are approx. 9,500 more examinations every year.

More details

Health monitoring

Collection Period

Collection Period
The population comprises individuals who have had post/prenatal chromosome tests since 1960
Database Categories

Application requirements

Summarized inventories and statistical overview of the number of specific prenatal-, postnatal- and PO-PN Trisomi 13-18-21 surveys conducted in Denmark every year can be found on the register's website.

Application process

Contact the data administrator for more information on access to data and the opportunity for research collaboration.

Contact information

Data owner
Clinical Genetics Department, Aarhus University Hospital
Website - data owner
Data administrator
Clinical Genetics Department, Aarhus University Hospital
Contact data administrator
Jan Hansen
T: 78 45 55 22
Website - data administrator