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Danish Patient Safety Database


Primary variables

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The Danish Patient Safety Database (DPSD) is a technical platform for the scheme for reporting unintended incidents. An unintended incident is one that leads to injury or the risk of injury and is unintended because the medical personnel involved did not intend to harm other people.

DPSD aims to promote patient safety by gathering, analysing and communicating knowledge about unintended incidents, hence creating a systematic learning system partly for unintended incidents occurring in health service sectors and partly unintended incidents occurring at the interface between sectors.

Since 2004, healthcare professionals in public hospitals have been required to report unintended incidents. In 2010, the scheme was expanded to cover more sectors and since 2011, it has also possible for patients and relatives to report unintended incidents. Regions and municipalities are responsible for analysing and following up on unintended incidents locally and for subsequently submitting reports to the Danish Patient Safety Authority.

DPSD is only designed to identify risk areas of which healthcare professionals and management should be especially aware and should learn from, but these are not a generally usable static system. The number of incidents reported in the database does not reflect the true number of unintended incidents.

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Collection Period
The database comprises all registered unintended incidents
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Danish Patient Safety Authority
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Danish Health Data Authority
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Patient Safety Authority
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