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The Danish Microbiology Database


Primary variables


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The Danish Microbiology Database (MiBa) is a nationwide, automatically updated, database of all the results of microbiology tests results from 1 January 2010 and thereafter.

The aim of MiBa is to optimise diagnosis and treatment of infection, partly directly by way of more effective diagnostics and partly indirectly by better national disease monitoring, quality assurance and research projects. . Its aim is also for healthcare professionals to be able to access microbiology test results from the whole country for the patients they are treating and to make the national infectious disease and microorganism monitoring process automatic, flexible, timely and complete.

The database was launched in 2010 by Statens Serum Institute as a collaboration with Danish clinical microbiology departments. Both of which are are connected to the database.

More details

Health monitoring
Scientific research

Collection Period

Collection Period
The population consists of patients treated for infectious diseases in Denmark
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Contact information

Data owner
Danish Health Data Authority
Contact data owner
Ørestads Boulevard 5
2300 København S
Website - data owner
Data administrator
Statens Serum Institut
Contact data administrator
Marianne Voldstedlund
T: 32 68 33 56
Website - data administrator