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The Danish Vaccination Register


Primary variables

Social Security number



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The Danish Vaccination Register (DDV) is an electronic solution providing access to information on vaccinations for healthcare professionals and the public. DDV provides an overview of vaccinations reported by doctors, vaccinations paid for by the health service and any planned vaccinations.

DDVs purpose is to ensure a high level of quality in monitoring vaccine take-up, efficacy and safety.

Statens Serum Institute is responsible for operating the register and gets vaccination data from the prescriptions server and the health insurance register.

Vaccinations administered in a hospital and those for which people pay themselves such vaccinations administered before 15 November 2015 are not listed in the vaccination figures. From 15 November 2015, all doctors have been required to notify all administered vaccinations to DDV. All vaccinations administered after this date are therefore in the vaccination figures.

More details

Patient information

Collection Period

Collection Period
The register holds information on vaccinations reported by doctors, vaccinations paid for by the health service and possibly planned vaccinations
Database Categories

Application requirements

The Danish Vaccination Register (DDV) is an electronic solution that gives healthcare professionals and citizens access to vaccination information. DDV data is accessed through via login with NemID.

Application process

  • See your vaccinations received since 15 November 2015 (when doctors were required to report given vaccinations)
  • See your vaccinations payed via the health insurance since 1996 or delivered on prescription from 2006 onwards
  • Register a vaccine that you or your children have received previously that have not been registered in the Common Medicine Card, fx vaccinations given abroad
  • See which persons who has been logged in to see information about you in the Common Medicine Card, fx your doctor
  • Print a paper version of your vaccination card
  • Print a paper version of your children's vaccination card
  • Vaccinations given at the hospital and vaccinations paid by the citizen, fx foreign vaccinations, given before 15 November 2015, will not appear on the vaccination card



Authorized healthcare professionals with a locally described instruction are allowed to register vaccinations on DDV. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that such authorization is locally available. The purpose of the instruction is to prevent unauthorized searches and registrations without documentation. The instructions must be drawn up by a physician who has the medical responsibility for the healthcare professionals concerned to provide vaccines to citizens on behalf of the physician. Instructions must be in accordance with the Guidelines for the use of assisted healthcare professionals.

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Danish Health Data Authority
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