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The Danish Biobank Register


Primary variables

Amniotic fluid

Blood coagulation

Breast milk

Buffy Coat


DNA from faeces

Filter paper Blood tests (incl. PKU card)

Full blood

Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC)


Proteins from filter paper blood tests


Spinal fluid


Umbilical cord blood



List of variables not avaliable for download


Denmark's National Biobank (DNB) contains more than 24 million biological samples - such as serum, plasma, buffy coat, fuldblod og DNA. The purpose of DNB is to enhance Danish research infrastructure and thus opportunities for Danish health research and international research collaboration.

DNB has been created in collaboration between the public and private sector with the Novo Nordisk Foundation, the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Higher Education, as well as the Lundbeck Foundation as sponsors. The National Biobank Register is open to all and free to use.

The register is routinely updated with data on available samples in a collaboration between major Danish biobanks at hospitals, universities and other research institutions. This data is linked to data on individuals from the CPR register (CPR), the National Patient Register (LPR) and the Pathology Register (LRP).

More details

Scientific research

Collection Period

Collection Period
The Biobank contains wet data from individuals who have participated in various research projects and national screening programmes
Database Categories

Application requirements

Requirements for application for biological material

Special requirements and demands exists when applying for research data that includes human biological material. To obtain access to biological materials, the research project must be reported to The National Committee on Health Research Ethics. The Danish legislation require that all health-related research projects that comprise human biological material have obtained such approval. Furthermore, the project must be approved by the Danish Data Protection Agency.

When reporting to The National Committee on Health Research Ethics a list of demands is present. An online application form must be filled out, including a full project description. The Project description should include details on the planned analysis, time schedule, funding etc.

When a project is approved, the application for data is handled via the joint Danish port of access to biological material and data under the Danish Health Data Authority, Scientific Services (Danish: Forskerservice). Afterwards, all applications are processed by the Scientific Board of the Danish National.

Application process

  • Report the project to The National Committee on Health Research Ethics
  • Receive approval
  • Sent application via Scientific Services (Danish: Forskerservice) including the approval
  • The application is assessed by the Scientific Board of the Danish National Biobank
  • Approval from the Scientific Board of the Danish National Biobank
  • The samples are retrieved and handed out



As a public authority and data processor the Danish National Biobank is subject to Danish laws for treatment of personal data, that should secure that the Danish health data are treated right. These legislations include The Act on Processing of Personal Data (Danish: Persondataloven) and The Danish Act of Health (Danish: Sundhedloven).

Contact information

Data owner
Danish Health Data Authority
Contact data owner
Ørestads Boulevard 5
2300 København S
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Data administrator
The Danish National Biobank
Contact data administrator

Bartlomiej Wilkowski
T: 32 68 51 75

Website - data administrator