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Shared Medicine Card


Primary variables


Social Security number



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The Shared Medicine Card (FMK) is a central database at the Danish Health Data Authority holding data on all Danish citizens' electronic prescriptions and medicine purchases over the preceding two years and an updated list of citizens' current medicine prescriptions.

FMK aims to prevent incorrect medication and provide an overview of citizens’ current medication. Furthermore FMK gives all patients and the healthcare professionals treating a patient, easy access to updated information about medication.

More details

Patient information

Collection Period

Collection Period
The register holds information on citizens' current medication
Database Categories

Application requirements

Shared Medicine Card is an electronic tool that can be used by health professionals to view information about a citizen's medicine – but only when relevant for the treatment of the citizen. Health professionals can also register and change information regariding medicin. Furthermore, it is possible for citizens to see information about their own current drug prescripts as well as the last two years of prescriptions.

Parents have access to see information about their children's medicines and vaccinations. However, since custody only became an integral part of the CPR registry in May 2007, parents cannot see information for those of their children born before May 28, 2004.

Application process

Health professionals gain access to the Shared Medicine Card through local IT solutions with integration of FMK at GPs, hospitals, home care, etc. Log in must be done with employee signature or NemID for health care professionals.

Citizens gain access to Shared Medicine through or via login with NemID.

Contact information

Data owner
Danish Health Data Authority
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Ørestads Boulevard 5
2300 København S
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Data administrator
Danish Health Data Authority
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Support (FMK and DDV)
T: 32 68 39 00

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