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Family Outpatient Services (Danish: Familieambulatorier)


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Psychiatric disease


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The five regional family outpatient services offers specialised pregnancy care for pregnant women and families with small children with addiction problems.

The aim of the family outpatient service is thus to enhance regional prevention and treatment of congenital drug-related physical, mental and social problems and illness in children. The family outpatient service also examines and treats newborn infants and mothers during maternity leave, as well as follow-up until the school age of children who have been exposed to drugs during their mother's pregnancy. This service may also include pregnant women whose partners have problems with alcohol and other stimulants.

The five Family outpatient services were set up in 2008 and are anchored in regional gynaecological/obstetric departments that work closely with regional paediatric departments.

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Collection Period
The population comprises pregnant women who use stimulants and/or addictive medication and their children
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