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Hospital-Acquired Infections database


Primary variables

Bacterial anaemia

Clostridium difficile

Infection hip arthroplasty

Infection knee arthroplasty

Urinary infections


List of variables not avaliable for download


The Hospital-Acquired Infections database (HAIBA) contains information about the presence of hospital-acquired bacterial anaemia (bacteria in the blood), gastrointestinal infection with Clostridium difficile, urinary infections and deep level infections following elective (planned) total hip arthroplasty (THA) and a total knee arthroplasty (TKA).

The purpose of HAIBA is to support automatic monitoring af hospital-acquired infections and to form the basis for improvements in infection prophylaxis.

The figures are based on data from the National Patient Register (LPR), the Danish Microbiology Database (MiBa) and regional medicine modules. The results of the monitoring process can be found on eSundhed under Sundhedskvalitet (healthcare quality), which is an interactive website that provides access to public healthcare data.

Data in HAIBA goes back to 2010 and now makes it possible to follow the development of the above infections over time for all hospitals and departments in the country.

More details

Health monitoring

Collection Period

Collection Period
The database comprises patients with hospital-acquired infections
Database Categories

Application requirements

HAIBA is an electronic tool where you can search and download information about the occurrence of infections acquired in hospitals.

Classification of the infections is automatically based on information obtained from the National Patient Register (LPR), the Danish Microbiology Database (MiBa) and the regions' medicine modules, Furthermore, classification is based on specific case definitions that may deviate from an individual clinical assessment. Accordingly, HAIBA calculations are primarily indicators of the occurrence of infections acquired in hospitals.

Application process

In HAIBA, you can search for data about hospital infections via interactive tables and graphs. You can also find descriptions of data sources, as well as case definitions for the different types of infections that form the basis of numbers in HAIBA.

Data in HAIBA can be accessed immediately by searching directly on the website and it is possible to download the information in either pdf, excel or CSV format or to create a link.

Contact information

Data owner
Danish Health Data Authority
Contact data owner
Ørestads Boulevard 5
2300 København S
Website - data owner
Data administrator
Danish Health Data Authority
Contact data administrator
Sofie Gubels
T: 32 68 83 38
Website - data administrator