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Kommunaløkonomisk Sundhedsinformationsgrundlag


Primary variables

Care data (EOJ)

Employment data (DREAM)

Health data

Personal data (CPR)


List of variables not avaliable for download


Kommunaløkonomisk Sundhedsinformationsgrundlag (Municipal Economics Health Information Base - KØS) is a data warehouse that makes data from central healthcare registers available to municipalities.

KØS holds an enormous volume of data which can also be used to draw up management information on public use of healthcare services. Municipalities use KØS to do analyses and for management information.

KØS is divided into three different major access routes: KØS Standard extract, KØS Analysis and KØS Advanced. KØS Standard extract makes it possible to view predefined data extracts as maps, graphs and tables. KØS Analysis makes it possible for users themselves to cross batch health data and to run analyses that are not set up as standard. KØS Advanced enables data to be processed every which way. This enables individual municipalities to process a CPR population and cross batch it to healthcare data which lets municipalities get close to a defined group and analyse its use of regional healthcare services.

More details

Health monitoring, Statistics

Collection Period

Collection Period
The population comprises all citizens registered in the central health register
Database Categories

Application requirements

Kommunaløkonomisk Sundhedsinformationsgrundlag (KØS) is a data warehouse where data from central health registers are made available to municipalities. The purpose of KØS is to make data more accessible to a wider group of users in the municipalities.

Application process

The user interface is divided into three different main inputs: KØS Standard, KØS Analysis and KØS Advanced.

In KØS Standard, a number of predefined data features have been created with numbers displayed on charts, graphs and tables. It allows you to estimate and follow up on the same management information and initiatives easily and quickly.

In KØS Analysis it is possible for the user to connect different health data, thus creating analyzes that have not been created as standard features. KØS analysis is designed with three data perspectives: somatics, psychiatry and health insurance to make the work with health data easier for the municipalities.

In KØS Advanced it is possible for the individual municipality to load a CPR population and link the population to specific health data. The municipality can thus come close to a defined group and analyze the group's consumption of regional health services. It may be groups of citizens already in contact with the municipality or groups where it is considered to initiate an effort. In KØS Advanced data can be linked crosswise.

KØS is part of the closed eSundhed. eSundhed is the Danish Public Health Agency's closed information system aimed at public authorities (municipalities and regions).

On the closed eSundhed, it is possible to access health information at aggregated and individual levels depending on which user rights are assigned. To access closed eSundhed, it is necessary to have a Digital Employee Signature as well as User Authentication through the SEB User Management System from the local SEB Administrator in that organization. In addition, the user must have access to the Health Data Network, a closed network managed by Medcom.

Contact information

Data administrator
Danish Health Data Authority
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T: 72 21 68 00
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