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Diet, Cancer and Health


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The Danish Cancer Society's biobank was established in 1993 as part of the "Diet, Cancer & Health" project - one of the largest ever Danish population studies to date.

This database holds information or more than 57,000 Danes who have all provided detailed information about their diets, lifestyle and biological samples - blood, fat tissue, urine and toenails. These materials and data form the basis for a unique data/biobank and have contributed to more than 600 research projects.

Data on the descendants of the original participants is currently being added to the biobank. This will be used to study the reasons for yet more cases of cancer and in that way improve the opportunities for advising individual Danes on cancer prevention and so improve the prognosis when a patient does fall ill.

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Biobank, National Cohort
Scientific research

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Collection Period
The population comprises Danish males and females aged 50-64. The Diet, Cancer and Cure - Next Generations programme will also include original participants' adult children and adult grandchildren and grandchildren's other parents
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