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The Living Will register


Primary variables

Established living will

Social Security number


The Living Will register (Danish: Livstestamenteregisteret) is an electronic tool that records which citizens do not want life-prolonged treatment if that person is dying and there is no chance of that changing.

A living will also takes effect if someone is suffering severe disability and is incapable of taking care of themselves physically or mentally. A living will does not include the option of euthanasia/assisted death. In contrast, the person declares that they do not wish to be kept alive in a situation in which they cannot say so themselves and all hope of getting better has been abandoned.

Any citizen over the age of 18 not subject to guardianship can make a living will. (Livstestamente). A living will ensure that doctors follow someone's wishes for when they are approaching death and cannot themselves make their wishes known.

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Clinical support register

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Collection Period
The register covers citizens who have drawn up the will
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