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Medicine Combination


Primary variables

Name of active agent

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Introduction is an electronic search tool which contains information about which ingredients are included in various types of medicines, natural medicines, strong vitamins and minerals as well as certain foods and the way different products interact with each other.

Medicine Combination has been developed for the general public for searching and learning about the effects of and adverse reactions from taking two or more different kinds of medication. Thus, making it possible to find out which other kinds of medication people should be cautious about using simultaneously.

More details

Health monitoring, Patient information
Patient information

Collection Period

Collection Period
The register covers all kinds of medicine, including natural products, strong vitamins, minerals and some types of fruit juice. It is not certain however that you will get results from all your searches since there are still many combinations of drugs that have not yet been investigated
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Danish Medicines Agency
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Danish Medicines Agency
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Danish Medicine Agency
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