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National integrated cancer pathways


Primary variables

Care pathway period

Diagnosis confirmed/unconfirmed

Investigation period

Referral period

Total treatment time


List of variables not avaliable for download


Monitoring the cancer package process is done by the Danish Health Data Authority and shows whether the recommended cancer pathway times are being complied with. Monitoring is based on 33 different cancer package processes, in terms of organ-specific type of carcinoma or metastases without organ-specific cancer type.

The purpose of the package process is to provide patients, who have reason to suspect cancer, with the best possible investigation and treatment so as to shorten the process, thus improving the prognosis, quality of life and reducing the uncertainty of waiting times without a known reason. The package process is monitored quarterly and annually so as to reveal whether these patients are investigated and treated within the recommended times for an uncomplicated process.

The Government and Danish Regions made an agreement in 2007 to introduce a cancer package aimed at setting standards and also for investigating, diagnosing and treating cancer. Since 2008, the processes have been monitored by the Danish Health Data Authority and they have drawn up various registration and monitoring models and published data on the results of their monitoring processes. Monitoring is based on data from the National Patient Register (LPR), Cancer Register and the CPR Register.

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Nationwide clinical quality database
Clinical quality

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Collection Period
The population comprises patients referred for package procedures
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