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Copenhagen Hospital Biobank


Primary variables



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The Capital Region's biobank (Copenhagen Hospital Biobank - RHB) is a research bank
which contains residues from blood samples taken from hospitalized and outpatient patients in hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark.

RHB was established as a central facility in the Biobank Unit in Capital Region's blood bank so as to standardise and make the collection, storage and processing of blood samples for research purposes more efficient.

In addition to running the Capital Region's Biobank, the Biobank Unit also runs the ”Danish Blood Donor Study” and gathers data with other larger and smaller biobanks The Biobank Unit also administers biobanks for the Danish HIV Cohort, COCOMO, SACC and several internal research biobanks in the Blood Bank.


More details

Scientific research

Collection Period

Collection Period
The biobank holds remnants of a blood tests taken from hospitalised patients and outpatients in hospitals in the Capital Region
Database Categories

Application requirements

The Regional Biobanks

When applying for access to data in one of the Danish Regional Biobanks, four requirements must be fulfilled before data can be delivered. First the project must be reported to The National Committee on Health Research Ethics. The Danish legislation require that all health-related research projects that comprise human biological material have obtained such approval. Secondly, the project must be managed by a Danish public researcher. Private researchers are only able to get access to anonymized data. Third, a contract needs to be signed between the researcher and the Biobank, and forth the Danish Data Protection Agency must approve the project.

When reporting to The National Committee on Health Research Ethics a list of demands is present. An online application form must be filled out, including a full project description. The Project description should include details on the planned analysis, time schedule, funding etc.

Application process

  • A Danish Public researcher can apply for access to the regional biobanks
  • Report the project to The National Committee on Health Research Ethics
  • Receive approval
  • Report the project to the Danish Data Protection Agency
  • Receive approval
  • Sign a contract between researcher and biobank
  • The samples are retrieved and handed out



As a public authority and data processor The Regional Biobanks are subject to Danish laws for treatment of personal data, that should secure that the Danish health data are treated right. These legislations include The Act on Processing of Personal Data (Danish: Persondataloven) and The Danish Act of Health (Danish: Sundhedloven).

Contact information

Data owner
The Capital Region of Denmark
Contact data owner
Kongens vænge 2
3400 Hillerød
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Data administrator
The Capital Region of Denmark
Contact data administrator
Henrik Ullum
T: 35 45 34 51
Website - data administrator