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Statistics for Municipality and Region Budgets


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Statistics for Municipality and Region Budgets contains information on Danish municipalities and regions' operations, public works and financial statements.

The purpose of the statistics is to analyse municipal and regional budgets and the way they are funded. The financial statements are divided into a range of purposes and types, making it possible to see forecast expenditure for municipal and regional expenditures.

Data is provided annually from the financial systems of all 98 municipalities and five regions. 

Statistics Denmark has been gathering and dealing with municipal and county/regional financial statements since 1977. Since 1990, data has been collected digitally. There is a marked break in the data from 2007 associated with the municipal reform, meaning that it is difficult to make comparisons for 1977-2006 and 2007.

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Collection Period

Collection Period
The statistics cover Danish municipalities and regional financial statements
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Application requirements

Individual reports are made for individual municipalities and regions which are available via Statistics Denmark's Statistics Bank.

Application process

Statistical analyses of the regions and the municipalities finances are continuously being published by Statistics Denmark. Numbers form the public budgets and financial accountings are available free of charge through the statistics bank (Statistikbanken).

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