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The Sickness Benefits Statistics Register


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Sygedagpengestatistikregisteret (Sickness Statistics Register) shows information about payments of benefits associated with sickness and births, the length of absence due to maternity and long-term illness and illustrates the interrelationship between social conditions and the benefits system. The purpose is to elucidate the usage of the law regarding sickness benefits and the maternity act.

The statistics are based on data covering one complete year-to-date extract from the administrative registers - Common Municipal Administrative Sickness Benefit System (Sickness Benefit) and Payments Denmark's 'Opus Barsel' (maternity/paternity benefit) system. The statistics also calculate CPR numbers of both recipients and possibly. children.

The statistics have been developed since 1995, but are in their present form comparable from 2003 onwards. For the year 2017, statistics only contain information about sickness benefits because "Udbetaling Denmark" has acquired a new administrative IT system for maternity benefit in use and the technical part of a data delivery agreement with Denmark Statistics is not completed. Maternity benefits will become independent statistics from 2019.

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Collection Period

Collection Period
The population consists of all recipients of sickness benefit or pregnancy/ maternity/ paternity benefit
Database Categories

Application requirements

Scientific Services at Statistics Denmark

Statistics Denmark comprises register collections, including data from 1970 till today and therefore, present a very important research potential with almost endless opportunities. Research Services at Statistics Denmark help and advices about access to data, to exploit the potential of the data in compliance with the Danish legislations.

To obtain access to data from Statistics Denmark a list of demands must be obtained. The research project must be associated to a Danish public research unit. Furthermore, The Danish Data Protection Agency (Danish: Datatilsynet) must approve the research project if data are linked to data from other authorities or registers. The applicant is responsible for payment of all the cost associated to the process.

If data from Statistics Denmark are coordinated with data from the Danish Health Data Authority, the applicant should contact the Danish Health Data Authority and inform about contact person at Statics Denmark as well as the case number, project description, extension description and approval from the Danish Health Data Authority and/or The National Committee on Health Research Ethics.

Application process

  • Contact Scientific services (FSE) at Statistics Denmark
  • Attact a short project description
  • The research project is given a case number
  • In case of coordination of data, contact The Danish Health Data Authority
  • If the application is approved by The Danish Health Data Authority, the data is sent to Statistics Denmark



As a public authority and data processor Statistics Denmark are subject to Danish laws for treatment of personal data, that should secure that the Danish health data are treated right. These legislations include The Act on Processing of Personal Data (Danish: Persondataloven) and The Danish Act of Health (Danish: Sundhedloven).

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Statistics Denmark
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Statistics Denmark
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