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Find Health Data

The Danish Twin Register

The Danish Twins Register (DTR) holds details of most of the twins born in Denmark between 1870-2009, and data on a number of triplets and quadruplets. The register also holds the great deal of da...
DATA OWNER University of Southern Denmark
PRIMARY VARIABLES Blood/Cells e.g. for DNA | Buffy Coat, e.g. for DNA | Cheek Swabs e.g. for DNA | CPT Lymphocytes | Hair | OraGene saliva – e.g. for DNA | PaxGene for RNA | PaxGene for RNA | Plasma | Serum | Urine

The Biobank of Region Zealand

Region Sjællands Biobank (RSjBB) indeholder biologiske samlinger fra store befolkningsundersøgelser og kliniske forskningsprojekter - herunder befolkningsundersøgelsen i Næstved (BEFUS) og Lolland-...
DATA OWNER Region Zealand
PRIMARY VARIABLES Blood | Tissue | Urine

OPEN biobank: Odense Patient data explorative Network

Open Biobank (OPEN) is anchored at the University of Southern Denmark, and contains biological material from various projects. OPEN's mission is to increase and strengthen clinical research in Regi...
DATA OWNER The Region of Southern Denmark
PRIMARY VARIABLES Blood | Plasma | Serum

The Danish Blood Donor Study

The Danish Blood Donor Study (DBDS) is a research project that gathers data consisting of blood samples and also information from questionnaires that all participants are asked to complete. The aim...
DATA OWNER Danish Regions

The Danish Biobank Register

Denmark's National Biobank (DNB) contains more than 24 million biological samples - such as serum, plasma, buffy coat, fuldblod og DNA. The purpose of DNB is to enhance Danish research infrastructu...
DATA OWNER Danish Health Data Authority
PRIMARY VARIABLES Amniotic fluid | Blood coagulation | Breast milk | Buffy Coat | DNA | DNA from faeces | Filter paper Blood tests (incl. PKU card) | Full blood | Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) | Plasma | Proteins from filter paper blood tests | Serum | Spinal fluid | Sputum | Umbilical cord blood | Urine

Copenhagen Hospital Biobank

The Capital Region's biobank (Copenhagen Hospital Biobank - RHB) is a research bank which contains residues from blood samples taken from hospitalized and outpatient patients in hospitals in the Ca...
DATA OWNER The Capital Region of Denmark

The Danish Microbiology Database

The Danish Microbiology Database (MiBa) is a nationwide, automatically updated, database of all the results of microbiology tests results from 1 January 2010 and thereafter. The aim of MiBa is to o...
DATA OWNER Danish Health Data Authority

The Danish Pathology Register

The Danish Pathology Register (LRP) is a national register which contains detailed information about pathological examination of tissue and cell samples conducted in the hospital and in the primary...
DATA OWNER Danish Health Data Authority
PRIMARY VARIABLES CPR No. | Diagnosis | Examination methods | Examination procedures | Material time examined | Material type | Mother's CPR No. | Performing body, department and/or pathologist

Danish Rheuma Biobank

The Danish Rheuma Biobank (DRB) holds biological material such as blood and tissue samples from thousands of Danish patients with inflammatory arthritis. The aim is to have personalised medical tre...
DATA OWNER Danish Rheumatism Association

The Danish Cancer Biobank

The Danish Cancer Biobank (DCB) is a national collaboration between departments dealing with blood and tissue samples from cancer patients and contains data relating to these samples. The primary a...
DATA OWNER Danish Regions

The Danish Centre for Strategic Research in Type 2 Diabetes (DD2 study)

The Danish Center for Strategic Research into type 2 diabetes (DD2) collates data on patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes. In signing up to the project, subjects are asked to provide blood...
DATA OWNER Danish Center for Strategic Research into type 2 Diabetes

Alcohol | Blood test | Social Security number | Diabetes debut year | Familial diabetes | Physical activity | Hip-waist ratio | Resting heart rate | Height | Urin | Weight


Diet, Cancer and Health

The Danish Cancer Society's biobank was established in 1993 as part of the "Diet, Cancer & Health" project - one of the largest ever Danish population studies to date. This database holds informat...
DATA OWNER Danish Cancer Sociey
PRIMARY VARIABLES Cancer | Diet | Lifestyle

Copenhagen Prospective Studies on Astma in Childhood

Copenhagen Prospective Studies on Astma in Childhood (COPSAC) is a research unit under the Danish Childhood Asthma Centre. Its aim is to understand the reason for asthma, eczema and allergy in smal...
DATA OWNER Den Selvejende Institution - Dansk BørneAstma Center (DSI-DBAC) / Copenhagen Prospective Studies on Asthma in Childhood (COPSAC)
PRIMARY VARIABLES Abdominal circumference | Age | Airway problems | Air quality | Blood | Complications during pregnancy | Diet | DNA | Fecal | Head circumference | Height | Home income | Lung function | Medicine | Mononuclear cells | Mother's employment | Mother's Physical activity (3rd trimester) | Mother's Smoking and Alcohol Consumption (3rd trimester) | Mother's use of medicine (3rd trimester) | Nasal eosinophilia | Parents' age at birth | Parents and siblings' diagnoses | Parents education | Pets | Physical activity | Place of birth and season | Sex | Siblings | Urine | Way of delivery) | Weight