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Find Health Data

The Danish Injury Register

The Danish Injury Register records accident and emergency contacts following accidents and contains detailed information about injured parties and events in accidents. The register is not nationwid...
DATA OWNER University of Southern Denmark
PRIMARY VARIABLES Age | Body Part | Emergency Contacts |


Cause of death registry

The Cause of Death Register (DAR) contains data on the cause of death, date and place and post mortem. DAR also contains data on the deceased's gender, age and municipality of residence. New data i...
DATA OWNER Danish Health Data Authority
PRIMARY VARIABLES Additional cause of death | Age at death | Cause of death | CPR No. | Date of death | Death - location | Gender | Information on any post mortem | Municipality of residence

Pre-hospital Database

The Pre-hospital Database is a clinical quality database which contains data relating to prehospital treatment when a citizen calls 1-1-2 for help with severe acute illness or injury. The aim of th...
DATA OWNER Central Denmark Region
PRIMARY VARIABLES 1-1-2 emergency calls | Treatment

Danish Transfusion Database

The Danish Transfusion Database (DTDB) is a nationwide quality assurance database that contains data on all transfusions, patient admissions (also those not requiring blood), all laboratory results...
DATA OWNER Central Denmark Region
PRIMARY VARIABLES Diagnosis | Hemoglobin Measurement | Hospitalization | Municipality of residence | Procedure | Social Security number

Danish Trauma Registry

The Danish Trauma Register is a nationwide clinical quality database that contains information about treatment of trauma patients in Danish hospitals. The purpose of the database is to ensure unif...
DATA OWNER Central Denmark Region
PRIMARY VARIABLES Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) | Admission/discharge | Age | Blood pressure | Charlson comorbidity index | CT scan | Gender | Intubation/respirator treatment | Mortality | No. multi trauma patients | Operation | Time/date of arrival | Trauma admission | Trauma service level

Danish Patient Safety Database

The Danish Patient Safety Database (DPSD) is a technical platform for the scheme for reporting unintended incidents. An unintended incident is one that leads to injury or the risk of injury and is ...
DATA OWNER Danish Patient Safety Authority
PRIMARY VARIABLES Incident category | Incident description | Incident location

The Danish Database for Acute and Emergency Hospital Contacts

The Danish Database for Acute and Emergency Hospital Contacts (DAH) forms the basis for the first national quality monitoring system for acute patient pathways in Danish hospitals. Acute and emerge...
DATA OWNER Central Denmark Region
PRIMARY VARIABLES Acute pathway - length | Admission/discharge | Age | Charlson comorbidity index | Civil status | Comorbidity | Contact - reason | Coronary angiography (KAG) | CPR No. | Date of birth | Diagnosis | FAM patient | Gender | Municipality of residence | Patient type | Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) | Referral | Residence - region | Vital status | Wrist fracture

Danish Head Trauma Database

The Danish Head Trauma Database (DHD) is an interdisciplinary, national clinical quality database which contains data about treatment and rehabilitation of children and adult patients severe trauma...
DATA OWNER The Capital Region of Denmark
PRIMARY VARIABLES Age | Child's mother tongue | Communication difficulties | CPR No. | Early Functional Abilities (EFA) score | Education/work pre-trauma | Ergotherapy treatment | Functional Independence Measure (FIM) score | Functional Oral Intake Scale (FOIS) score | Gender | Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score | Height | Housing type pre-trauma | Injury mechanism | Institution pre-trauma | Mental functions limitations pre-trauma | Neuropsychology treatment | No days admission for HS rehabilitation | Other diagnosis indication treatment | Parents' social group | Physical function limitations pre-trauma | Physiotherapy treatment | RLAS score | Speech therapy treatment | Weight

Danish Register for adolecents with acqired brain injury

The Danish register for adolescents with acquired brain injury (DRUE) is a clinical quality database covering information about individuals aged between 15 - 30 suspected of having acquired brain d...
DATA OWNER The Capital Region of Denmark
PRIMARY VARIABLES Addiction | Cognitive effect | Comorbidity | CPR No. | Date of birth | Diagnosis | Educational level | Effects | Ergotherapist - opinion | First name(s) | Functional Independence Measure (FIM) score | Gender | Glasgow Outcome Scale (GOS) score | High Level Mobility Assessment Tool (HiMAT) | ICD10 diagnosis code | Impaired function | Intervention | Mini-Balance Evaluation Systems Test (Mini-BESTest) | NIH Stroke scale/score (NIHSS) | Occupation | Occupation before brain injury | Rehabilitation | Rehabilitation action | Rehabilitation plan | Sick leave | Subdiagnosis | Surname | Treatment | Type of housing | Work - status